Wall art for Chi and Co.

Monday was the day of the installation of my wall art! The guys at Signs on Site came to Chi and Co. Restaurant and Bar to replace the existing wall art to the one I created. Very excited today! Here are some photos from the big day.











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Menu – Bar Asia

Here is a menu for a takeaway shop in Annandale. This menu is designed as a vertical folded fridge menu.

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My sister asked me to design her wedding invitation. Here is the finished product. The theme is to be vintage garden. The maps were fun to create as well.

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Business card – MDA

This company required a logo and business stationery. There were many designs during the brainstorming process and this was the final ones chosen.

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Lamyong Catalogue 2010

This project involved laying out a bi-yearly product catalogue for a vegetarian company which supply 100% vegetarian and vegan products to Australia. I was given vegetarian duck to try! Very convincing!
The requirements for this project was that the cover remained a different shade of green from their 2008 catalogue, and the designs remained similar but a more refreshing feel to it. Product pages needed to be redesigned so there was more order and it was easier to read.

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club poster

was experimenting with this image. found it on shutter and thought it would look good as a poster. tell me what you think!

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The Blush Bliss List

Here is a layout for an article on comparing blushes. It turned out quite well after a few changes from a double page to a single page. It was a challenge to depech the products but they look great in the end!

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